Leak Detection Company Newbury Park, CA

Are you unclear if you need a Leak Detection Company Newbury Park, CA? Leaks can be quite mysterious and hard to find for the untrained eye. Just determining if you have a leak or not can be a bit of a task. All leaks give signs and signals of their presence. If you happen to notice one or more of these signs of a leak, it would be advantageous to test to see if you have a leak for yourself.

There are several self tests you can do to validate the presence of a leak. If you determine that you do indeed have a leak, it is imperative that you get call a leak detection company immediately. Leaks can range in location, size, and type of break. A pinhole leak under your slab, even though it has the potential too, might not immediately cause serious damage to your home whereas if a pipe that comes up from under your slab to the surface of your home starts to leak inside the slab, you could have serious flooding occur quickly.

Pegasus Leak Detection has the necessary training, experience, and tools to quickly and accurately find your hidden water leak. We not only find your leak, we also locate the pipe with the leak to give your contractor multiple repair options as to better serve you.


Pegasus Leak Detection

We have specialized training and equipment to properly take care of what matters most to us, you! We pride ourselves in offering the best service in the business. People are never put in a good mood to discover that they have a hidden leak, and dealing with a company that doesn’t provide excellent customer service will be another unwanted headache. This is why Pegasus Leak Detection offers a promise to each of our customers; “Our only priority is you, the customer, because of this we made ourselves available 24/7 for any emergency or time that works best for you. We also understand that you hire a company for their service, not their time, because of this, we only have flat fees and if you have a leak we can’t find, we won’t charge, that is our promise to you.” and that is our Pegasus Promise to you!

When you find yourself dealing with a slab leak, the last thing you want is more of a headache by dealing with an unprofessional company. We here at Pegasus Leak Detection are setting industry standards both in how we carry ourselves as well as business practices. You can view our “Why Choose Us” page for more information as to why Pegasus Leak Detection is the industry leader.

If your home is flooded, you have a serious leak issue, but not all leaks are that obvious. All leaks give signs and signals of their presence. We have come up with a comprehensive list of all the different signs leaks give off. Please view this list of “Signs of a leak” in your home so you can catch a leak before it becomes too late. If you need a Leak Detection Company in Newbury Park, CA give us a call.

Leak Detection Company Newbury Park, CA
Leak Detection Company Newbury Park, CA