Residential Leak Detection

Residential Leaks occur when the when the plumbing system in your home becomes compromised . Pinholes, cracks, and full circle breaks can all occur potentially causing major damage.

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Commercial Leak Detection

Commercial Leaks may go undetected for weeks and potentially even months. These leaks can cause you to spend several thousand extra dollars annually on your water bill.

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Irrigation Leak Detection

Irrigation Leaks commonly occur only when your irrigation system is on, therefore everything gets wet. This is why they can be some of the more tricky leaks to isolate without the proper help.

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The War Against Leaks

Leaks in slabs and irrigation have the potential to be elusive, and because they are often found when it is too late, they can be destructive. These types of leaks can cost from hundreds to thousands of dollars, as they may result in damage to your home’s structure or any of your possessions.

Home damage can come in the form of ruined flooring, damaged walls, a damaged foundation, or a damaged yard. A leak can also do damage to your bank account by resulting in hefty monthly water bills. Another consequence of an undetected leak is the growth of mildew or mold in the home, which can lead to further physical damage along with health problems. If left undetected, the problems posed by leaks tend to go on unnoticed, until the damage is far too extensive to be resolved by simple fixes.

Leaks are hard to notice because they are so subtle, but a top-of-the-line leak detection company can use special procedures and tests to confirm any possible problems. A leak specialist should be able to spot any leaks before they show themselves and deal further damage to your home.

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Our mission is to provide excellent customer service and to charge you a fair price, as our company is built on a foundation of ethics and goes by a strong moral compass. In fact, the Golden Rule is our guiding principle: We treat our customers the way we would want to be treated in their unique situations, as we truly find fulfillment in helping people. In the leak detection industry, it is not uncommon to find companies that are incompetent or that provide rude customer service, unclear lines of communication, and exorbitant charges. At Pegasus, we operate on the three C’s -- comprehension, concentration, and common sense -- to deliver the best service to you. Customer satisfaction is our only priority.