Feeling a hot spot on your floor? This is a very good indication that you have a hot water line slab leak! If there were to ever be a silver lining in the clouds, this type of leak would be it for hot water line slab leaks can be shut off at your hot water heater while leaving the rest of your home’s water on, giving you the option to still use cold water fixtures. Hot water line slab leaks can, but not always, create warm floors. Unfortunately water travels the path of least resistance, so that water leak might me dozens of feet away from your warm floors. Pegasus Leak Detection has proprietary methods used to track that pesky water leak. Warm floors are just one the the many indicators that you have a water leak.

Wasting money on leaks?

Notice your water bill is unusually high? This could be one of the many possible hints that you have a water leak. The good news is... there are several self tests that can be done to determine if you have a water leak. The leaks causing your high water bills can be in a number of places, but the most common spot for your water loss is going to be located in the water line underneath your home’s slab; this type of leak is known as a slab leak. Slab leaks can be some of the more difficult leaks to find due to the simple fact that the water lines are not visible. Pegasus Leak Detection incorporates utility line locating into their leak detection service, as to better and more accurately mark the exact spot for your water leak.


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