Irrigation Leaks

Most leaks have a good chance of showing signs of their presence fairly quickly, however irrigation leaks might go on for weeks or months before you start to notice any signs that the leak is present. Your lawn and plants want nothing more for you to give them more to drink, and they will take all they can get leaving very little to none behind for you to notice. If you have a leak in your lateral irrigation line, your pipes will only leak while your irrigation system is running, thus everything gets wet and it makes finding the leak very difficult for the untrained eye. Although the plumbing in your irrigation system is made to withstand a lot, under the right circumstances, those pipes might break, crack, or even get punctured due to root penetration. The good new is we here at Pegasus have seen a lot, and have trained our eyes to catch even the smallest signs of a leak.

Irrigation Leak Detection

Irrigation systems can go through a beating at times. Sprinkler heads can get bumped, kicked, and ran into dozens of times throughout their lifetime. This can cause their riser to become frayed and brittle. Pegasus Leak Detection prides ourselves in our customer service. This is why we carry dozens of extra sprinkler risers and caps. If we find a broken one, we will replace it no charge and no questions asked! And when the leak is found, and a repair is complete, a test must be completed to make sure the system is no longer leaking. This is why we leak caps with you to make testing your line a lot less messy! These are just some of the ways Pegasus Leak Detection is above the rest