Who we are

When it comes to detecting leaks, we at Pegasus Leak Detection are second to none. We employ a wide range of techniques and processes for quickly and accurately detecting frustrating slab, irrigation, and pool leaks. We are confident that our state-of-the-art technology and proven skills will quickly earn your trust in Ventura County and areas of Santa Barbara County.

Our Approach

Our Approach

We perform non-invasive leak detection as to not damage your property. We consistently monitor the leak detection world to always provide you with top notch equipment and techniques. We have flat fees, we charge for our service, not our time. You can expect a reasonable quote, and a professionally done job. We work with your insurance and we fight for your coverage!

Our Story

Meet the Owner

Philip Becerra, Owner

My name is Philip Becerra and I am the owner of Pegasus Leak Detection. I have included this “About the Owner” section because I feel it is important to gain a more personal connection along with shed some insight as to who we are and why we do what we do here at Pegasus Leak Detection! I myself have had some bad experiences with leak detection companies. Once they incorrectly marked the leak, made me wait 4 days until they came back out, and charged me again to correctly find the leak! I couldn’t believe the service I was provided with! Looking into leak detection companies, I learned that there were in fact, very few of them. This explains their service standards because with no competition, they can set the bar as low as they want without repercussions. I felt I could do community justice by starting my own leak detection company! Now of course my thoughts were initially “I will provide the best service”... which I do, but I initially thought that meant being as friendly and courteous as possible. When I really sat down and thought about what “providing the best service” meant, I also came to the conclusion of two things; I must offer 24/7 availability to cater to any customer’s needs, and if there were ever a situation where I was, for some reason, unable to find a leak, there would be no charge. This is now known as the Pegasus Promise which is as follows: “If you have a leak we can’t find, we won’t charge”.

The Pegasus Promise

Our only priority is you, the customer. We understand you hire a company for their service not their time, because of this we only have flat prices and if you have a leak we can’t find, we won’t charge.